Hi, Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you will like my recipes. 

I understand that you have a question to ask me but I'm sorry that I can't answer your questions. I know that your question is frequently asked and my answers to your questions are always these.

I seek your understanding that I wasn't coping well with many (really a lot!) questions asked everyday via my blog, FB, Instagram and YouTube. I had tried my best to answer all questions but can't do it anymore. Sorry! I reckon this FAQ page is one of the best way to answer some questions more effectively. I would say the best thing to do is to watch my video, read my baking tips and follow my recipe to the tee. No estimation and modification please! Cheers! 

1. Can I substitute this ingredient with another ingredient?
If I have tried any substitution with the recipe, I will mention in the recipe accordingly. If I don't, I can't guarantee that the proposed substitution will work. I hope that you can understand that the honest me prefer any substitutions to be truly tested and tasted before I will say YES that it will work.

Nevertheless, please go ahead and try anything that you want! It will be nice if you can let me know if your proposed substitution has worked well or not.

1-1. Can I use this white bread recipe to bake 100% or 50% wholemeal bread?
Yes, you can but the texture of the wholemeal bread won't be obviously the same and also as good as the all-white breads. Due to my personal reasons, I'm sorry that I won't simply transform white bread recipes into wholemeal ones. I'm currently in the process of encouraging my fussy son to like wholemeal breads and food and will search for soft "undetectable" wholemeal bread recipes in the near future and I hope that you will understand that this process requires time.

2. Where can I buy the ingredients, tools and equipment that Zoe is using?
I buy my baking ingredients, tools and equipment everywhere around the world. Most of them are from Australia. Some are from Singapore, USA, Canada, Japan, other Asia countries and via online. I will mention in my blog post if the unique item is essential and the specific place to buy it. Otherwise, I wouldn't know where you are living and wouldn't know how are you going to buy everything that I'm using.

3. Can I use this recipe to bake with something else but not oven?
I often get questions asking if you can use an air fryer, happy call pan, toaster or even a rice cooker for baking. And I'm sorry that my answer is always... I don't know! I have an oven and why do I need to bake with a frying pan, air fryer, toaster and a rice cooker!!! Besides, I don't even have an air fryer!

4. Can I bake the bread using breadmaker but not the oven?
I get this question SO MANY TIMES whenever I publish a bread recipe and I'm so sorry to say that I DON'T KNOW!!! Different breadmaker have different settings and capacity and I won't know your breadmaker and won't know what to do with it. Some readers try to tell me their breadmaker brand and model but seriously!!! I'm sure that you can check the user manual and optimise the bake yourself.

Sometimes, baking needs trial and error... You just have try and see if it works! Otherwise, please follow my tried-and-tested recipes. They will work if you stick to the recipes ^-^

5. Can Zoe calculate the amount of ingredients that I need to use if I want to bake something lesser or more?
Hmmm... What can I say? I try to help but I'm 100% sure that you can do this calculation without me! All you need is a calculator, not me ^-^ Otherwise, just stick to my recipes. I have already work out the standard quantity for you.

Happy Baking!